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Choose any athletic event you like and Team Healthier Generation will be there to support you. When you choose your own event, you create your own team. That team may just be you or it may be a bunch of your friends, family, or anyone else you know or don’t know. It’s completely up to you.

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When you choose your own event, you can set your own fundraising goals and earn incentives at fundraising milestones. Whether you want to raise $25 or $2,500, we’ll set you up with all of our fundraising resources. Commit your efforts to raise $500 or more, and we’ll introduce you to our team coach and get you started with a personalized training program.

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Use the widget or links below to find great events near you:

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The Runner's World Race Finder

Running USA Member Events Calendar

Top Team Members
  1 -  Lisa Perry ($1,925.00)
  2 -  Hall of Fame Genna Ringler ($1,110.00)
  3 -  Hall of Fame Molly Balfe ($1,065.00)
  4 -  Personal Gift Fancy Flores Bernhagen ($1,000.00)
  5 -  Pacesetter Personal Gift Dana Melillo ($664.20)

So far,
We Have Raised: $50,301.75

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