Frequently Asked Questions

What is Team Healthier Generation?

Team Healthier Generation is the endurance training and fundraising program of the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. We support a national network of team members who are raising funds and awareness for childhood health, while training to meet personal fitness goals.

Who can participate?

Anyone can join Team Healthier Generation to make an impact on childhood health. You don’t have to live in a certain city, as we provide virtual training and support.

I have never done an event like this before. Can beginners join Team Healthier Generation?

Team Healthier Generation is here for every athlete and every type of event. Whatever your chosen activity is, we welcome you as a team member, an athlete and a passionate change-maker. Your Team Trainer, Coaches and teammates are to guide you through your journey, no matter where you are starting from.

What types of events does Team Healthier Generation include? How far do I have to go?

Team Healthier Generation can support you in any athletic or endurance event. Many of our team members complete half or full marathons, but we also support those running a 5K, 10K or completing a triathlon or cycling event. Some members of Team Healthier Generation prefer team sports, fitness classes or yoga. Whatever physical activity you love, you can dedicate your efforts to improving childhood health by joining Team Healthier Generation.

How do I train for an endurance event?

Our Team Trainer will guide you through the process of preparing and training for your Team Healthier Generation event. Team members in featured events or those who commit to a goal of $500 will receive a personalized training plan to follow, upon request.

How can I receive a training plan from the Team Trainer of Team Healthier Generation?

Participate in a featured event or commit to raising a minimum of $500 for your own event, prior to submitting your request for a training plan. Once you have joined the team at this level, we will ask some questions about your current level of fitness, and our Team Trainer will design the training plan that is best for you. Our Team Trainer interacts with participants and provides detailed training plans through an easy to use platform. If you are ready to get your plan but have not received instructions, contact

How much time do I need to commit to training?

The amount of time you commit to training depends on your event and your personal goals. On average, training plans include four workouts per week, one of which may be a longer distance. A plan may suggest 8, 12, 16 or 20 weeks of training. When you commit to Team Healthier Generation, we can discuss the best plan for you.

How can I earn the Team Healthier Generation race shirt?

All team members for featured events receive a Team Healthier Generation technical t-shirt to wear on race day. Singlets are available upon request and specialized gear may be available for select events. Participants who choose their own event or raise funds for any activity will receive the Team Healthier Generation shirt when they have raised $250 for the Alliance for a Healthier Generation.

What benefits will I receive by joining Team Healthier Generation?

Most importantly, you receive motivation and support from our coach, staff and the community of athletes dedicated to improving childhood health. The Team Healthier Generation experience offers accountability to teammates, supporters and the cause. Specifically, Team Healthier Generation members receive guidance through a personalized training plan, a fundraising handbook, regular team calls and email newsletters and access to the Team Healthier Generation community on Facebook, where important tips and resources are shared. Team members may receive guaranteed entry or registration fees for featured events and can earn team gear as incentives at fundraising milestones. For featured events, the team comes together to celebrate our accomplishments through a meaningful event weekend experience - where you may even get the chance to connect with our Celebrity Coaches.

I am ready to join the team. How do I sign up for Team Healthier Generation?

Click on Join the Team and select a featured event or the option to choose your own. You may need to submit an application and speak with us to join an event in which we have limited entries. Those committing to a minimum fundraising requirement will be expected to complete and return an offline registration form. Contact if you need assistance to register.

What happens with the money I raise as part of Team Healthier Generation?

The funds you raise help the Alliance for a Healthier Generation in our mission to eliminate childhood obesity and inspire all young people in the United States to develop lifelong healthy habits. All funds raised by Team Healthier Generation go toward the programs of the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, as we work with schools, companies, communities, healthcare professionals and families to transform the conditions and systems that lead to healthier children. Learn more about your impact.

How do I raise money for the Alliance for a Healthier Generation through my race efforts?

Raising money to create healthier environments which allow kids to thrive is easier than you might think. The first step is simply asking people to support you. Send emails to everyone you know, tell them your story, share why you’re participating on Team Healthier Generation and ask for their support. You will be amazed at the number of donations that quickly roll in.

Just as we guide team members through training, we provide direction and support for your fundraising efforts, starting with a fundraising handbook and one-on-one guidance from Alliance staff. All participants receive a personal fundraising web page and online tools. 

How can my supporters make a donation to my efforts?

The easiest and fastest way a donor can support you is by donating online. You can send supporters a direct link to your personal fundraising web page, or they can search for you when making a donation at The Alliance also accepts checks, which can be made payable to the Alliance for a Healthier Generation and mailed to 2525 SW 1st Ave, Suite 120 Portland, OR 97201. Checks should include the participant name on our offline donation reporting form, which you can access in your participant center.

How can I find out how much I have raised on Team Healthier Generation?

Your personal fundraising page displays an up-to-date total of the amount you have raised. You can also track progress and view all donations made on your behalf by visiting the participant center when you log in.

Who thanks the donors who support me?

Those who donate online receive an immediate acknowledgement and an email thank-you note and receipt from the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. We also acknowledge donors who write checks to support Team Healthier Generation members. Even though the Alliance thanks donors, the best thank-you is a personal message or handwritten note from you. We encourage you to personally thank your supporters, and we even offer sample thank-you emails to make this easy.

How can I earn corporate matching gifts?

Many companies match donations to charitable organizations by their employees. To find out if your company has a matching gifts program, contact the human resources department. The Alliance will promptly follow up on any matching gift confirmations or forms required by the charity to help Team Healthier Generation members earn this additional support. Be sure to ask your donors if their companies match employee contributions too. If you need additional help to process a matching gift contribution, email

How can I donate a check or cash?

Checks or money orders should be made payable to the Alliance for a Healthier Generation and mailed to our office at 2525 SW 1st Ave, Suite 120; Portland, OR 97201. Checks must include the participant name on our offline donation reporting form, which you can access in your participant center. When we receive and process the contribution, it will be added to your personal fundraising page.

How much money do I need to raise to be on Team Healthier Generation?

You can join Team Healthier Generation, whether you plan on raising $5, $500 or $5,000 toward our cause to improve childhood health. Certain Team Healthier Generation events require a minimum fundraising commitment. This is different for each event and is calculated by reviewing the expenses for a Team Healthier Generation participant to ensure a majority of the funds donated support the cause.

What happens if I don’t meet the fundraising commitment for my event by the deadline?

We count on Team Healthier Generation members to fulfill the stated fundraising minimum for a featured event. Remember, it’s not just a race – you are part of the movement to improve childhood health! We are bound by the commitment to our mission, the cause and our agreement with the race or event. Therefore, if you do not reach your fundraising goal, you will be asked to make a personal donation to fulfill the balance. But don’t worry. Your training plan offers plenty of time for fundraising success. By starting early, using the tools we give you and following guidance from Alliance staff, you can reach your goal well in advance of the deadline.

To donate by phone, call 1 888 KID HLTH (1 888 543 4584)
If you prefer to donate by mail, please send payment to:

Unit 16
P.O. Box 4800
Portland, OR 97208-4800

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