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From the Sidelines to Half Marathon Finisher       

One foot in front of the other...

You might find Christy Skura pounding the pavement through her Los Angeles neighborhood early in the morning, during lunchtime or at night, after tucking her kids into bed. As a pediatric physical therapist, school volunteer and mother of two, Christy squeezes her long runs in wherever she can find the time. But it wasn’t always that way.

Christy didn’t begin running until she was in her mid-thirties. After several years of volunteering at her children’s’ school’s 5K race, she decided to get off the sidelines. “Running my first 5K was really hard… but also really inspiring,” she remembers. After that first race, she decided to see what might happen if she started training and really gave it her all. The result? A year later she crossed the 5k finish line 13 minutes sooner.


With the support of her family, Christy decided to keep pushing herself. She noticed her boys were also taking an interest in running and her oldest son even joined her in several training races as she prepared for her next hurdle: the half marathon.

Still fairly new to running, Christy needed motivation to get her through her 10, 11 and 12-mile training runs. She found distraction from podcasts and inspiration by joining a worthwhile cause that she could really get behind: the Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s Team Healthier Generation.  

As a pediatric physical therapist, Christy’s work often takes her into schools to help children with motor impairments. “Over the years, I’ve seen some schools that, for funding or other reasons, were never able to build a playground, so kids don’t have the opportunity for active play, which is a problem not only for their health, but also for their ability to sit in the classroom and concentrate.” Christy jumped at the chance to support the Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s work, which gives kids the opportunity to eat better and move more in and outside of school.

Christy completed most of her fundraising online, sharing Facebook posts about why she was committed to setting a healthy example for her family and fundraising for the Alliance. The donations poured in and on race day, Christy crossed the finish line within 5 seconds of her 13.1-mile goal time!

While she’s pleased with her accomplishment, those extra 5 seconds give her a new goal to work towards. She has her sights set on another half marathon in October and running a full marathon eventually. It’s hard for Christy to believe her progress today when she thinks back to where she began.

She encourages other aspiring runners not to be deterred: “You don’t have to start training for a half or a full marathon. My first goal was not even to run a 5k, but to be able to slowly jog for one full mile. It took time, but it sure was worth it.”


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