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Seven Summits. Two Poles. One million to combat childhood obesity.


On the morning of January 1st, 2016, I will be waking up to attempt a world-record breaking mountaineering expedition – climbing the tallest peak on each continent as well as trekking to the North and South Poles faster than anyone has ever done before. But

Having spent the better part of my life as an elite athlete, this news was devastating.  My mom stayed with me in the Thai hospital and cared for me as only a mother can do.  In an effort to keep my mind occupied, she would ask me about the future.  "what do you want to do when you leave?" she asked.  In a rare moemnt of clarity, I replied with hesitation, "I want to complete a triathlon."  Growing up in Portland, Oregon, I was a very active kid. I excelledd as a state champion soccer player and swimmer, and I was recruited to swim at Yale University where I earned a BA in Economics in 2006. In addition to these sports, I took advantage of the Pacific Northwest. I was often off climbing, hiking, and skiing in the outdoors guided by my Eagle Scout father. But triathlon was something I had never done before.

My rehabilitation was slow at first having arrived home in a wheel chair from Bangkok. Day by day I focused on my recovery, determined to heal, walk again and use my legs. Fast forward 18 months, I was working in Chicago after countless months of rehab, but true to my word I started training to complete my first triathlon.

The 2009 Chicago triathlon had more than 4000 participants. I surprised many others and myself that day; I not only completed the race, but placed first overall. Completing my first triathlon with a win was a bonus, but more importantly the ultimate sign of my recovery.

My life changed that day as I secured my first sponsor and was given the opportunity to compete as a professional triathlete. Since then, I have represented Team USA in professional competition in 25 countries on six different continents.

I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs, but overall the experience I have had racing around the world has been amazing. The most everlasting emotion has not been the exhilaration of winning, but rather the joy of pursuing my passion each day and striving to be my best self.

Through this journey, I have realized the deep passion I have for impacting change on a grander scale, something greater than just my own success on the racecourse. Through that realization and many conversations with my fiancé (and biggest supporter) Jenna, the idea for BEYOND 7/2 was born. Our goal from the outset was to use the platform of my athleticism for a greater purpose and impact change.

In 2016, I am embarking on a mission to set the world record for the Explorers Grand Slam. I aim to be the fastest person to climb each of the “Seven Summits” (the tallest mountain on each continent), as well as trek to both the North and South poles.

More important than the world record goal, or the $1M goal, is my goal to reach and inspire as many kids and families as possible. It is not my intention to showcase my abilities as an untouchable climber. Rather, I want to show what is possible when we set ourselves big goals and dare to dream to achieve them. My hope is that BEYOND 7/2 inspires people to get outside, eat healthy, set a goal and reach to achieve it. Maybe that’s training to run a local 5k, adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet or swapping soda for water. All goals are worthy no matter how big or small. Dare to find your Everest, whatever that happens to be in your life and #GoBEYOND.

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