Fundraising & Support

THG gear.jpgYour commitment to make your movement matter in support of childhood health is admirable—heroic, even! We want to make sure you have all the tools you need to show that off, raise awareness, and meet your fundraising goals as easily as possible. The tools and opportunities below will help you on your way.

Fundraising Basics

Athlete Family

Your event team and Team Healthier Generation as a whole is not only your biggest cheerleader to help you reach your fitness goals, but also your biggest supporter to meet your fundraising goals. Team calls, online chats, emails and other communications will provide valuable content, helpful tips and on-going encouragement. You will also have access to any local networking or group training events with other THG athletes in your area. These open channels of communication allow teammates to share successes, learn what others are doing to meet their goals and easily connect with group organizers.

Team Gear

Creating healthy lifestyles for our nation’s kids is a pretty big motivator, but we want to treat you to some nice perks along the way. We are honored to have you represent Team Healthier Generation with the team shirts, singlets, hats and other specialized gear available for select races. Through your fundraising achievements, you will have opportunities to win unique experiences and high-value packages to supplement your race-day (or post-race) experiences.

To donate by phone, call 1 888 KID HLTH (1 888 543 4584)
If you prefer to donate by mail, please send payment to:

Unit 16
P.O. Box 4800
Portland, OR 97208-4800

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